This word , for so long, has had such a negative energy behind it. Let’s start this off with the definition for ignorance. Ignorance simply means lack of knowledge; uninformed; to be unaware. We’re all ignorant or have been ignorant in relation to something in our lives so far. Why does this word bother people so much? Maybe it’s that people are uncomfortable with not knowing. I partially blame our society as a whole because there’s so much pressure put on us to not only know but be the FIRST to know. (Competition) When we don’t know something we get such negative backlash. Take children in school for instance. When the instructor asks a question on a subject and they don’t know the answer what happens? There’s always a student(s) that will call them “dumb” or poke fun in some other way, especially if he/she knows the answer. In some cases there are teachers who are condescending. I’ve seen this happen more times than I care to remember. This type of scenario can set the stage for how this student will view ignorance in the future. I’ve spoken to many adults and used the word ignorant. Some became offended. Really offended. I couldn’t understand why until I dug a bit deeper and found that they either didn’t comprehend what ignorant meant or they did and viewed it as something negative due to a past experience. Ignorance in my opinion is only a negative thing when you choose to stay that way. One of the reasons I created this site is so that people can open up to a different point of view so as to not remain ignorant. If you enjoyed this post (…or not) please speak freely and respectfully in the comments. Thank you for reading:)



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