“As above, so below”

I see above as being the highest levels of consciousness and below as the lower levels. As we grow spiritually, so does our awareness. I don’t believe this to be relative to age. Why not? Ideally, it would be. However, the reality, as it relates to the physical world in which we live, is that from birth our natural rhythms are tampered with by doctors, our parents, and society. We are not left alone to be who we truly are. Instead we’re flooded with other people’s ideas of who, what, or how we “should” be. For instance, instead of allowing babies to go off their natural sleeping patterns, we are told (and most listen) to bombard them with schedules; schedules that are really set for the convenience of the parent more than anything. We restrict them from exploring their natural curiosity about the world and their bodies. Unless they’re seriously endangering themselves or others, I don’t feel it’s necessary to interfere. Yet we do because we’re told that’s what’s best for them. I’ll elaborate on that in a later post. My point is that in adulthood we still do childish things because as children we were restricted from doing them and so developmentally some of us are still children. When growth is stifled, so is awareness. With awareness comes change. Change is the ONLY constant in life as I’ve experienced it. If you doubt that, take a closer look at nature. You’ll have a better understanding of life. Take flowers for instance.  They start as a seed planted in soil. Over time, that seed changes form and eventually blooms into a beautiful flower. As more time passes, it changes form again into what we call death. Though I’m not sure why we call it death since it’s just a form of energy which is infinite. The flower only changed form as do animals, humans, and seasons. When seasons change, we don’t say they “die”. Why is that? You see physical changes in the seasons just like in humans, flowers, and animals. Everything is pure energy. Energy/God/Universe/Creative Intelligence whatever you like to call it, is infinite and ever changing, yet it remains the same. That’s the paradox. Though it has many forms, it’s still ENERGY as are we (made in its image). AS ABOVE, SO BELOW



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