Anger can be healthy. Now you’re probably saying, “Is this chick SERIOUS???” Yes. Yes I am. When channeled in a way most beneficial to the self it is healthy. Do I know what that way is? For myself, yes. For YOU, no. I’m not you and therefore can not tell you the way. I do, however, know what ways aren’t beneficial to anyone. The two major ways are violence and  not letting go of it. When you are violent towards another (physically or otherwise), you’re violent also toward self because you get back the energy you put out. Not letting go of anger is fatal. It creates mental instability as well as physical sickness and pain. One way to release anger is talking to someone who you can trust and who can and will listen without judgement. Some ppl take up a boxing or martial arts course. Exercise is another good way to release anger. For me, talking things out always helps. There are many different avenues to be taken. You must figure out which is most helpful to you and apply it to your life. The more you utilize it the easier it becomes to manage your anger in a healthy way. Only then can you be of help to others because you can only give what you have. It’s a win-win!!

As always, share your thoughts with me in the comments😘




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