Perfectly Imperfect

Being perfect is all the rage these days. Perfect hair. Perfect butt. Perfect nose. In a world that sells perfection as the standard, it’s difficult to be yourself if you don’t have a strong foundation in who you are. As a child I struggled with being myself. I knew who I was but was afraid to be that person for fear of other’s harsh opinions. Today I’ve grown, for the most part, beyond that. Many adults today have yet to grow beyond that point what with makeup ads, gorgeous models on magazine covers and on television. Product on top of product being advertised as if you are not cool or beautiful until you have them. We have girls starving themselves to be thin. There are teens injecting themselves with poison for bigger lips, hips, and everything in between. So how do we get people to love themselves exactly how they are? If we raise our children to love themselves and focus on their greatness, we have a good chance of them becoming adults who love themselves. Perhaps someone will develop an ad agency that focuses on positive body imagery. Instead of selling people what they should have , encourage them to appreciate what they do have. I’m confident our children will build a better, more progressive model of this world where perfection is being unapologetically YOU.