Inspired by nature this morning during my daily walk/jog, I started to pay attention to all my surroundings. Watching the trees, the grass, etc and how they just grow in all directions, somehow was confirmation to me that there is in fact intelligence there. We humans think our intelligence is superior because of our ability to think. Today I thought “Nature is in a way advantaged not to think, having to worry about nothing.” Several different types of grass grow together in the same space and just exist there. While as humans, we can’t seem to do the same. We fight about what color skin is superior, who’s more athletic, religion, etc and kill one another based on this stuff! This leads me to feeling that nature is of superior intelligence compared to humans. Nature simply grows, going with the natural flow of Life. Since humans like to personify things and in honor of my love for hip hop music I’m going to say that Life/God/Universe is the greatest freestyle rapper of all time! No specific design, yet everything flows together PERFECTLY.

I saw long stretch of brown “dead” grass and right next to it, really beautiful green grass thriving. Is there sadness? Who knows? It seems as if life simply goes on. Seasons change. Leaves and trees “die”. Things don’t stop growing and evolving because of it. Life doesn’t get stuck in that space. It knows that with Life being an infinite circle, that these things come back next season and therefore don’t really die, but simply change form. Religions teach that we’re made in God’s image. If we truly believe this, would it make sense to also believe that everything happens as it’s supposed to? That we can’t force ourselves to grow a certain way? That your life is supposed to be lived in a freestyle fashion but we get so caught up in an event or emotion and refuse to move on from it? Thus causing our own suffering…

Seems we’ve forgotten from whence we came. We’ve decided that instead of allowing Life to flow, we’d let other humans dictate our path and how we should journey it. Is Life not the Supreme of existence?