A New Day

I was blown away this morning when I opened my Twitter page and saw a BEAUTIFUL example of what true freedom to live looks like. In this world we live in, regardless of what is said to the contrary, it is difficult to fully be ourselves. Recently there was a television interview conducted by Diane Sawyer on Bruce Jenner. He discussed feeling like a girl/woman since childhood and how he’s been living aimage lie all his life. Living to please everyone but himself. Bruce had decided to finally live life his way and is now living as a woman. Today we were introduced to her as Caitlyn Jenner and I must say she’s GORGEOUS. Serving up all kinds of beautiful fierceness!! This is a huge step for our world. I’mso truly ecstatic about this. This is going to change lives. People who once felt powerless will be empowered by her strength and courage to live exactly as she was meant to. Since my childhood I’ve always been about the business of living my life as I please and am an advocate for others to do the same. So here’s to CAITLYN JENNER!!! Way to start the week off girl! Check her out on the COVER of Vanity Fair magazine!



Some women think it’s cool or even admirable to run themselves into the ground working, going to school, being a mom, wife, etc all at once. I don’t admire anyone who does this. I am sad for those of us who feel like this is what we must do to be a success in life. I don’t feel it’s what we truly wish to be doing. No one really WANTS to be exhausted all the time. Something, usually more than one thing, is lacking. Some things aren’t getting the attention they require. If you are blessed with children they suffer greatly in such an environment. They may not be vocal about it for a number of reasons. Not expressing one’s feelings doesn’t negate their existence. You come home tired from a long day and the least mistake they make you’re ripping their head off. Not because what they’ve done was so terrible or because you’re “mean mommy”, but because you’re exhausted and don’t have the energy, mental nor emotional capacity to properly deal with what happened. If you are trying to maintain a relationship (marriage or otherwise) that suffers as well, as you don’t have the time and energy to nurture it as needed. You’re either too tired for sex or if you do make it happen it’s mediocre. You may be emotionally drained so you become easily frustrated by petty things he or she may do and say. These are just examples. These may not fit your exact situation but they’re very real for many.

Do you know who suffers the MOST from all of this? YOU!!!! The wear and tear on your mind, body, and spirit is beyond! These celebrities make it look easy honey! Then you hear or read about them being admitted to a hospital for exhaustion. Or going to rehab for drugs, which they usually take to keep up with their hectic schedules or to hide pain, and alcohol abuse. Or they’re getting a divorce. Here you are trying to replicate this lifestyle, buying into this facade of being superwoman (the standard we as a society has set for ourselves to compete with men).

There are a very select few who do benefit greatly from women being SUPERWOMAN. They get very rich off of women working themselves sometimes literally to death. We keep hospitals in business with the development of disease which stems from our constant stress and unhealthy eating habits. Pharmaceutical companies make a ton from medicines prescribed to us for the diseases we’re diagnosed with. Psychiatrists and psychologists are kept busy “helping” with our problems we have or our children’s issues they have developed sometimes due to the absence of proper parental guidance. Let’s not leave out the police departments and prisons that benefit from the arrest of the “street pharmacist” who provides “relief” to those trying to numb pain in their lives. The rehab facilities that are happy to admit addicts who abuse alcohol and the drugs prescribed to them by doctors are making a killing, especially where celebrities are concerned. The list goes on…

Gone are the days when women got to enjoy just being a mom. How about when women had a choice of whether they wanted to work outside of the home? Today some women feel they don’t have a choice. We make our lifestyle work around our careers instead of our careers working around our lifestyle. Thankfully I am able to do what I love from the comfort of my home and enjoy mommyhood and explore who I am. Being a woman in this world can be stressful, if you allow society’s ideal of what that means, to dictate your life.

None of this is to say that life would be perfect, relative to our romanticized ideal of perfection, if not for the superwoman mentality. As a mother of two boys, a wife, and a woman who once lived this way, I’m saying it’s okay (and possible) to take time to find what you LOVE and pursue it on your own terms. It took many years and a great change in my family dynamic to realize this. I’ve been through what felt like the worst life had to offer and come out of it the wiser. My journey has meant sometimes going without having the things I wanted in order to pursue my dream of being a devoted mom and having my dream life. I say dream LIFE because “career”, to me, is very limiting. I have many gifts I’d love to give and refuse to limit myself to only exploring one thereby making it my “career”. I’m simply saying (using a ton of cool words and phrases LOL) that…

Being a woman IS super! Period. EMBRACE THAT!


The Standard

There is a standard set

By men and society

For women because they’ve been

Taught to hate variety

They prefer blonde hair blue eyes

Long hair flowing down your back

Light skin, thick thighs

Unless you have that you’re considered wack

Women set your own standard

Stop trying to be what they want to see

Killing yourselves for their delusions of grandeur

Stand up and be who you want to be

Im a phenomenal woman says Maya

Just the way I am wouldn’t you say

If you could handle that I could set your world on fire

But you can’t, you’d rather us all look the same

Angela Dorsey